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The Feb Four

During February, you can grab one of these four rockin’ rolls for $10, eight days a week, 12-4pm.

Paul McCartney once asked everyone in the world to forgo eating meat for one day a week. Good suggestion, Paul, maybe tomorrow. Today we’ll try this rock & roll brisket sandwich of slow cooked beef brisket with fresh slaw, jalapeños, caramelised onions & house made BBQ mayo.

Few musicians campaigned so vehemently against the Vietnam war as Lennon. Chill out John, the war is over, so we can all kick back & enjoy this boss Bahn Mi Vietnamese sandwich with slow cooked pork, lemongrass & fresh herb marinade, shredded pickled carrot, cucumber, lettuce, coriander, spring onion & sriracha mayo.

Being the biggest hippy in the Beatles, George would have to consult the nutritional information & maybe even his Guru the Maharishi, before trying this wrap. Take our word for it, it’s great & Full of spiritual goodness, oven baked falafels on a tortilla with house made tabouli, fresh lettuce & cucumber.

Just cos Ringo’s noggin looks a bit like a meatball (Google image search will confirm!) & we reckon a meatball would beat most drummers in an IQ test. End of tenuous link to Ringo, we just wanted a meatball sub on the menu. Beef, oregano & basil meatballs with house made napoli sauce & melted mozzarella.

NB: Hey Jude, if you wanna hold (a roll) in your hand, Eleanor Rigby says you gotta spend a penny (lane) on a drink today (not yesterday). You’ll get all my loving if that drink is a pint or a wine, but if you just want a soft drink, I feel fine & we can work it out when I’m 64 back in the USSR.