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Eventbrite - Wolf of the Willows Sensory Beer Journey + Dinner with the Brewer

Feed with the Head of the Wolf of the Willows pack – imagine something very carnivorous. Ticket price includes dinner and drinks.

But first, spend some time learning about the fine brews that will accompany your wolf pack feeding frenzy and how to appreciate various aspects of your beer.

Think about how many senses are required to enjoy a beer fully. From the moment the bottle is opened and the beer is poured into a glass, our ears are greeted by the hiss of escaping carbon dioxide. Our eyes are attracted by the sparkling clarity of a Pilsener, the hazy sheen of a Weizen, or the black depth of a stout. We patiently wait for the creamy head to slowly collapse, leaving wisps of Belgian lace on the sides of the glass. As we bring the beer to our lips, our nose detects the aroma of citrusy hops in an American pale ale, bittersweet chocolate in a porter, or perhaps fruity, spicy esters in a Trappist ale. Finally, we imbibe, savoring the malt, hop, and ester flavors before swallowing to let the hop alpha-acids wake the taste buds on the back of the tongue.

Find out more about the sensory aspects of beer from somenone who’s profession it is to produce a wide variety of brews.

Plus share a meal and great company in an intimate setting.