Voted Victoria’s 13th best craft beer pub – lucky for some!
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355 Bay St, Port Melbourne
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Welcome back!

Please note, you’re making a DINING reservation – and as such, all members of your party will be required to purchase a meal, or a $20 surcharge per guest applies.

If you’re wanting to pop in for drinks only, come on down. We’ve got lots of spaces & lots of flexibility & we’re super keen to fit you in. If you’d like to book for drinks only, please email us with 48 hours notice –

We’re working with tricky restrictions. We’re using technology to assist with making bookings easy under these restrictions. But  technology has limitations, whereas humans can work together to solve problems. If you can’t make the online system work for your booking, please email or call 9676 9643 (press 4 to leave a message explaining what you’re after) & we’ll work really hard to accommodate you.

We get that plans change. If you need to cancel, please, please, please call 9676 9643 so we can let another needy burger lovin’ booze hound take your place. Thanks!

Thanks, PAs xx