Take away tap beer & pub grub
Mon – Thu 4-8pm
Fri – Sun 12-8pm


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355 Bay St, Port Melbourne
Call 03 9676 9643


Please understand that we’ll be upholding the law to the letter and in spirit. We’re not going to be the venue that turns a blind eye and allows a table to purchase a bowl of chips and chug 8 rounds of drinks.

To visit the pub under these conditions, you’ll need to purchase from the Pub Classics, Mains, or Burgers sections of the menu.

Everyone in your group has gotta have their temperature taken and provide us with contact details. It’d be great if you could rock up 10 minutes early to help us process everyone.

Lunch sittings are 90 minutes and dinner sittings are 2 hours. We’ve defo gotta boot you at the end of your allocated time, so we can sanitise the venue for the next group of revelers.

We get that plans change. If you need to cancel, please, please, please call 9676 9643 so we can let another needy burger lovin’ booze hound take your place. Thanks!